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Why Us

Because there is no cause greater than the fight for our children’s right to grow up to be adults. Ben Franklin once said, “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” He was spot on. From the moment Philomena was diagnosed we looked for options, we couldn’t believe that there was really NOTHING out there to help her. The more we learned, the more outraged we became. Nothing has changed in treatment options for this uniformly fatal disease, in over 50 years! I ask myself why? How could this be? It goes against all human logic… How can it be that nobody has had the courage to do anything about this? We want to change that. With your help there will, someday, be a first to beat this disease, and there is no doubt we will be on the front lines, pushing our way through to that glorious day when we can finally say the “0%” is a thing of the past. Your contribution allows you to be right there with us, on the battlefield. Your contribution is how and why we can ensure that someday, every child will have the ability to grow up to be an adult.

May God Bless us and join us in the battle.

Together we can put an end to the 0% survival rate of DIPG.