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Below are just some of the messages and excerpts from messages we’ve received.  Thank you for your love and support.

I lost my faith years ago….my children were all baptized and raised catholic as was I, I also attended church every Sunday. Then my mom passed away, she passed suddenly, as I was in church praying. That was the moment I lost my faith, I couldn’t understand how our God could take away my best friend while I was honoring him. I never attended church since then. Then came Phil, I have been so moved by the outpouring of love and prayers for her from complete strangers. I’m even more moved by the amazing strength and faith you have shown these last couple weeks. You have brought me back to God and my faith, and I will be attending Church tomorrow to pray for Phil, the first time in many years. God bless your family. -M. Kulb

Phil made me dust off my rosary AND taught my kids how to use one! – J. McLaughlin

I am praying and praying for your sweet child whom we all know now as “BEAN”…. I also want to say thank you and your entire family for bringing our community back as one…. we all have grown to LOVE……PRAY……”TOGETHER” which, by ignorance….and egos we all stopped believing in…so…”Thank You”. Your family has become a part of mine…so GOD BLESS YOU ALL….your strength and courage and fight is mine to. “Storm the Heavens”. My first prayer in the morning and last before bed. Never stop.  – C. Killian

Thanks to Phil and your entire family — our family has renewed strength in our Faith — she is truly our superhero …… Continued prayers for all of you — #stormtheheavens. Never stop. – D. Bucci

We are praying for Phil… your faith and devotion has inspired me Sooo much. My 4-yr. old daughter understands how important prayer is now from hearing Phil’s story! The joke of the day lifts our spirits we love seeing Phil’s videos…… You are a beautiful family and your strength and dedication to praising God is remarkable. You are an amazing example to all. God Bless! – M. Salivi

You and your family give me hope. Phil has truly brought togetherness and inspiration in my life without me ever meeting her. I no longer take things for granted. I lost a niece in January that devastated me, but reading everyone’s posts and seeing her jokes of the day have enlightened me and restored my faith. God bless you all. -S. Powell

Thanks to you and your family and most of all your beautiful Bean…I believe again! You are in my constant thoughts and prayers and I wish you peace! – L. Brown

You have the most amazing daughter and your strength as a parent is beyond words. Your daughter’s journey is bringing the world together in a wonderful way. She is having such a positive impact in so many lives…… I often questioned so much but my own faith is now stronger because of you and your darling, amazing little girl. Thank you for opening my heart again. I will continue to pray for your family. -M. McGill

Phil and your family have truly reawakened my relationship with God and I thank you for that. …I will never stop praying for your baby and your family. #Stormtheheavens. -D. Godfredson

I just wanted to let you know your daughter is very special, your family is very special! I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so much in my life and it’s really opened me up…. nothing but positive vibes from her and that’s what this world needs more. – J. Welte

Although I have never met you, your daughters story has touched me deeply, especially your unwavering faith. -C. Money

My sons learned the Hail Mary because of you guys…. God bless you. Your faith is amazing. -N. Johnson

I wanted to thank you for your simple requests to pray. I feel like I’m witnessing something so big/beautiful. I’m one of a million people who has a new positive perspective, and I believe in you…. I am only 1 ounce of people out here, who are praying for you and your family, and rooting for you, for the long haul. -S. McCue

Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas… and thank you, Philomena helped me with my faith. -S. Murphy

You and Phil have brought me closer to God. I now talk to him several times a day. Still praying! -J. Reilly

I want to send you my deepest heartfelt condolences. I prayed, and my kids prayed. Philomena brought me back to praying … . Her beautiful little soul touched so many people. -S. McKenna

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for you and your family. I can’t imagine the sadness you feel. Your family and Philomena have been an inspiration to so many others. That hope will live far longer than any of us. – J. Szumski

Know that your daughter was and still is with you. She is truly a child of God. You may never know the depth of her teaching, one child did so much to restore the faith of many. …. With our faith renewed we join you in your grieving, and will continue to pray for all who need prayer. Thank you for sharing your journey. -B. Carter

The faith Phil has helped me gain over the past couple months is incredible. I look up to you and your family more than you know & I don’t think I can ever repay you for helping me find a better relationship with God… . Your strength is amazing, I only hope one day I can be a mother like you. Teach my children about our God & have trust in him like you have. … . you won’t ever begin to understand the impact your daughter has made on me & my family … . – M. Lafferty

My son, Liam, passed away 12 years ago. My husband and I struggled with our faith after he passed. I have not prayed since…until I heard about Philomena. My family and I did come to the prayer service/block party and although I had already started praying myself, I think that day helped my four daughters and my husband, really see what faith in God and faith in your community can do. We now pray every day. Philomena was and is the miracle that brought us and so many people back to God. We will never stop praying…. J. O’Connell

You and you baby girl changed my life, you gave me my faith back after I lost all faith when my niece was killed… you and Philomena have taught me so much. -M. Jackson

Hello. Just wanted to tell you that I think you and your family is simply amazing. Your faith is beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed. I never prayed until I heard about Phil. Now, I pray all the time and will never stop. God bless Phil. She is a beautiful little girl. -P. Richardson

I just wanted to let you know how she changed my life and my marriage. Over 28 years of marriage my husband and I wondered away from our Lord. My sister was murdered in a domestic violence situation. I was so angry with God. I blamed him. I let all of this affect my marriage as well. I’ll be married 29 years in October, but if not for your precious daughter I probably wouldn’t be celebrating those 29 years. When social media blew up with prayers for Phil and the pictures of that beautiful girl went viral, I dug out a very old prayer book and I cried so hard. I spoke to our Lord and I asked him for forgiveness.  I prayed that whole night. Within a few weeks I brought myself to apologize to my husband for distancing myself from him and asking him if we can mend what had been almost broken. We started praying together for Phil, we watched her joke of the day every night and began to laugh together again.  We returned to mass, prayed the rosary, the Divine Chaplet. I have a whole new prayer book now. Your
daughter mended so many things that were wrong in my life. We will continue to pray in her honor. I will never ever forget Philomena or what she did for me and my family. – J. Foglietta

I hope you find peace in the fact that your daughter and your family brought so many people together in faith. I’m not a very spiritual person but your beautiful little girl’s strength and faith in God touched my soul! She brought people together and restored faith for so many… her spirit is still here influencing us all.  “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” ~Albert Pike  Thank you for being so strong and faithful and thank you Phil! #stormtheheaven – M. McCrane

Your baby has touched so many people that I believe she was the miracle–we were praying for a miracle and the whole time we had one–people praying again–people sharing their prayers with others and encouraging them to pray…that is a miracle… -M. O’Brien

I’m so amazed at the power one little girl’s faith had, not only on the Philadelphia community but the entire Country…– J. Holzer

Like many others, I have followed your journey and grew to genuinely care about a family I had never met. There was something so special about the girl with the eyes and a soul wise beyond her years. When my mom was sick, I spent a lot of time at the St John Neuman Shrine and healing masses at St. Anne’s begging for a miracle. Sadly, after she passed I was angry as many are after losing a loved one. And then I met Phil…– C. Borger

I’m sure you know already but your precious baby girl has made such an impact on my life words can’t even describe. My brother took his own life many years ago and that left me questioning my faith. My father stopped going to church. He could not understand Gods reasoning. Our family was in turmoil.  We’ve muddle thru the years. My parents have since passed away. However, I believe in my heart that your angel would have brought them back to the Lord as she has done for me and so many more…. You are very blessed to have such a beautiful spirt, both in yourself and in Philomena. I truly believe that one day the Catholic Church will be canonizing her. Not only do I pray for Philomena, I pray to her. She will remain in my prayers for my life time here on earth. Love to you. -S. Mackereth-Cook

Your daughter, as so unbelievably tragic and terrible the journey was, has had such an enormous impact on my life. Bringing me closer to God and being a better person… . I just wanted to thank u for everything you have done for me and my family and the whole community and even the world… – J. Amoroso

have been praying for Phil and your whole family since September… I really wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your unimaginable suffering and loss, and to tell you what a profound impact Phil and your family has had in my spiritual journey. I have five children and my husband, and I are raising them Catholic. We have always gone to church and said prayers, but I began praying the rosary for Phil every single night since September. My children also began praying a decade each night for her, and we did a family rosary once a week. Our relationships with each other and with God have gotten better. I saw your community and people from all over the world come together and pray. It is truly amazing what she was able to do and still can do. What an incredible little girl. I also want to thank you for raising awareness about the lack of funding for childhood cancer, especially DIPG. I now know that so much needs to be done… -E. Mela

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for you and your family. I can’t imagine the sadness you feel. Your family and Philomena have been an inspiration to so many others. That hope will live far longer than any of us. – J. Szumski

Together we can put an end to the 0% survival rate of DIPG.